After completing the Vocalo Storytelling Workshop in 2013, I’ve been trying to incorporate audio into my storytelling bag-of-tricks. Below is my bibliography for audio production.

Food Geek Podcast: Gourmet Flambé a la TJ
I invited a few friends over for a Trader Joe’s Snack Tasting. There may or may not have been several bottles of Two Buck Chuck involved.

Radio Feature: Leather Archives and Museum.
The Leather Archives is a Chicago museum dedicated to chronicling the history of the gay leather scene. I talked with Rick Storer, the LAM’s current executive director, as well as a friend who was in New York’s leather scene in the 1990’s. I also brought my mother into the conversation, because I’m an awful person, and wanted to get her perspective on sex museums. This feature was produced for the Vocalo Storytelling Workshop.

Interview with Will Duncan
I interviewed Will Duncan of The Punch House in Chicago, fresh from his win at the Springtime Cocktail Challenge.

Interview with Carlo Garcia
I interviewed Carlo Garcia of the Cake and Whiskey Dining Club during their Christmas-themed “Whiskey, FrankinCake, and Myrrh” party.

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