January 2, 2015

If there was a theme for my 2014, I think it would be along the lines of “damn the consequences, go for the long shots.”

Oddly, for the most part, it worked out. Fortune favors the brave, right? I applied for and was accepted to the Clarion Writing Workshop. I managed (with a lot of help) to raise over $3000 to attend it. I went to Comic-Con and survived. I went to WisCon and spoke about gender and sexuality and fiction and the future. I fought for, and helped win, a union in my workplace. I have a lot to be proud of this year, but it’s also left a few scars.

This has been a year of stress and depression and anxiety attacks, even as it’s been a year of big triumphs. And the last six months have been months of poverty, even as my writing has been selling to some lucrative markets: I lost one of my jobs, and one of my steady writing gigs, and freelancing isn’t so lucrative as to replace a steady paycheck. Money is still tight. And while I have hope that being in a union is improve things at my job, there’s a long road to travel before we get a contract.

I’m a firm believer in doing hard things. I’m lucky that I have the support that I do, from family, friends, and the fabulous community of writers and readers and straight-up nerds that I’ve become a part of. That support makes it easier to scrape myself out of bed in the morning.

In my journal, I’ve written down pages of plans and goals and resolutions for 2015, but here’s a bit of the more concrete plans.

  • I’m going to finish writing a novel by my 30th birthday, currently eight months away.
  • I’m going to get my motorcycle license by the same day.
  • I’m setting up a store on this website, so you (yes, you! and also anyone else!) can buy chapbooks, comics, and Verbal Terrorist shirts.
  • I’m setting up a Patreon so folks that want to support me can.

I’ve gotten about 60% through the last two. Please check out my brand, spanking-new Patreon page, and my (still mostly empty) store!

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