Open Letter to Anita Alvarez, State’s Attorney for Cook County, IL

Update: All charges against Malcolm London were dropped, as of 11/25/15, 1:52 CST.
To: Anita Alvarez, State’s Attorney for Cook County
State’s Attorney Office
Ms. Alvarez,

I’m writing to you today to urge you to drop the charges against Malcolm McDonald. This young activist was arrested last night while protesting against the Chicago Police Department’s abetting of a criminal act by one of their officers.

I use the word “abet” with purpose, here. The CPD has a troubling history of human rights abuse, the use of torture, and racial profiling. By sitting on this video until forced to do otherwise, they have shown that they are resistant to becoming a more fair and equitable force. By not taking immediate action–such as the University of Cincinnati Police Force did in the wake of the shooting of Samuel Dubose–they have closed ranks to protect an alleged murderer.

You have already contributed to the erosion of faith in the CPD and the justice system in Chicago, by failing to bring charges against Officer Van Dyke before the imminent release of the video of Laquan McDonald’s shooting, more than a year after his death. As an elected official, you have a duty to the people of Cook County, and I hope these protests have made you consider how you have failed them, failed all of us.

You still have a chance to prove yourself to the people of Chicago and Cook County. Malcolm London’s charges of felony aggravated assault far outweigh any possible crime he committed in protesting, and run counter to numerous on-scene witnesses that have already given their testimonies in the media. I urge you to drop the charges against London, and prove that you are worthy of the faith that the voters placed in you.

Drop the charges against Malcolm London. If not, we–the people of Cook County–will remember it during your re-election campaign.


Nino Cipri

Writer, Chicagoan, concerned voter

If you’d like to contact the State’s Attorney’s office, please email them at, or call (312) 603-1880, and urge them to drop the charges against Malcolm London. For more information, check out the links below: 5 Arrested While Protesting Shooting Death of Laquan McDonald, Police Say

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Chicago Tribune Commentary: 400 days? Really, Alvarez? Really McCarthy? Really, Rahm?

Black Youth Project: Shifting the Focus From the LaQuan McDonald Murder Video and Back to the Systems That Killed Him

Ted Talks: Malcolm London: High School Training Ground

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