50 Word Essays: Food edition

[For previous 50 Word Essays, look here. And yes, my household really does have a chicken named Dixieland Stampede.] 6.) Avocado/Coconut milkshake from Radio Bean. Pale green, sweet, creamy. It’s good, but I can’t believe I paid $6 for this. It’s mostly for the memories: Radio Bean opened half my life ago. I’ve killed soContinue reading “50 Word Essays: Food edition”

50 Word Essays: TMI? edition

1.) Hometown. “You don’t want to see it? Your old house?” It was only a minute out of the way, but I shrugged and said, “Not really.” Chris, my oldest friend, was surprised. “I think I’m more sentimental about it than you are.” I nodded. “You probably are.” We kept driving. 2.) Cigarettes. “So smoking’sContinue reading “50 Word Essays: TMI? edition”