Everything I Know About Getting Short Stories Published

Who I am My name is Nino, and I’ve been submitting short stories and essays for the past five years. I’ve been published, at best guest, in about 15 different venues. I’m currently the assistant fiction editor at Beecher’s, a literary magazine, and I’ve previously worked as a slush reader for Crossed Genres Magazine andContinue reading “Everything I Know About Getting Short Stories Published”

Goodbye, Sexy Weirdo Role Model

Content warnings: probably not safe for work. At 12:56 yesterday, I texted my girlfriend: “Prince was found dead. This day is dead. I’m pretty close to crying at work.” When an artist passes, people mourn publicly. I found out on my lunch break via Twitter, where people were already capslocking their grief. But in thatContinue reading “Goodbye, Sexy Weirdo Role Model”

50 Word Essays: Food edition

[For previous 50 Word Essays, look here. And yes, my household really does have a chicken named Dixieland Stampede.] 6.) Avocado/Coconut milkshake from Radio Bean. Pale green, sweet, creamy. It’s good, but I can’t believe I paid $6 for this. It’s mostly for the memories: Radio Bean opened half my life ago. I’ve killed soContinue reading “50 Word Essays: Food edition”

50 Word Essays: TMI? edition

1.) Hometown. “You don’t want to see it? Your old house?” It was only a minute out of the way, but I shrugged and said, “Not really.” Chris, my oldest friend, was surprised. “I think I’m more sentimental about it than you are.” I nodded. “You probably are.” We kept driving. 2.) Cigarettes. “So smoking’sContinue reading “50 Word Essays: TMI? edition”