Everything I Know About Getting Short Stories Published

Who I am My name is Nino, and I’ve been submitting short stories and essays for the past five years. I’ve been published, at best guest, in about 15 different venues. I’m currently the assistant fiction editor at Beecher’s, a literary magazine, and I’ve previously worked as a slush reader for Crossed Genres Magazine andContinue reading “Everything I Know About Getting Short Stories Published”

Favorite Stories of 2015/Award Eligibility Post

There was so much excellent fiction this year, or perhaps this is the first time I’ve really tried to pay attention to what’s being published in the short fiction realm. For those of you following along, I’ve attempted (not always faithfully) to keep track of my reading habits in monthly “What I’ve been reading” posts.Continue reading “Favorite Stories of 2015/Award Eligibility Post”