Everything I Know About Getting Short Stories Published

Who I am My name is Nino, and I’ve been submitting short stories and essays for the past five years. I’ve been published, at best guest, in about 15 different venues. I’m currently the assistant fiction editor at Beecher’s, a literary magazine, and I’ve previously worked as a slush reader for Crossed Genres Magazine andContinue reading “Everything I Know About Getting Short Stories Published”

Goodbye, Sexy Weirdo Role Model

Content warnings: probably not safe for work. At 12:56 yesterday, I texted my girlfriend: “Prince was found dead. This day is dead. I’m pretty close to crying at work.” When an artist passes, people mourn publicly. I found out on my lunch break via Twitter, where people were already capslocking their grief. But in thatContinue reading “Goodbye, Sexy Weirdo Role Model”

2016 Writing Goals

Back in 2014, on one of the last days of the Clarion Writing Workshop, Ann and Jeff Vandermeer spent an afternoon with us talking about goals. Ann posed the following acronym for choosing and following through on goals: SMART goals should be: 1.) Specific 2.) Measurable 3.) Action-oriented 4.) Realistic 5.) Timely We were allContinue reading “2016 Writing Goals”