What I’ve been reading: February 2015

First, I wanted to mention K. Tempest Bradford’s challenge, issued on xojane.com, to stop reading white cisgender straight male authors. This isn’t the first such challenge I’ve seen, but it’s the first time I’ve gotten to witness people lose their collective shit over it. Possibly because, rather than framing the challenge to do something (i.e.,Continue reading “What I’ve been reading: February 2015”

Publication alert & future plans

Publication alert! Strange Horizons has published my review of the first issue of Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro. DeConnick favorited my tweet about it, so I’m quietly squeeing to myself about that. You can read my review here, and you can (and really, really should) buy Bitch Planet wherever ImageContinue reading “Publication alert & future plans”